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How do I check-out and read eBooks?

247 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019

You may be required to create a personal account to download the eBooks, so please use your SLC email address in the email field when registering. However, you can read them through the browser without having to create an account.

Please check the availability of the book you would like as there will usually only be one copy available, but for some of them we do have unlimited copies. Loan times vary, from 24 hours to 3 weeks.

I am receiving an HTTPS error. It says that my connection is not secure. What should I do?

153 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019   

*Please note: These steps will work for MacOS/Apple, Windows, and Linux systems.

  1. Update Google Chrome if you have it installed
  2. Install Google Chrome if you do not have it
  3. Follow the instructions here to clear your browser's cache.
  4. Whitelist our website in your privacy/security/ad-blocker settings.

The correct URL to access the library website is:

St. Lawrence College I.T. services does not officially support the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (any version) or Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera, etc.

How do I print wirelessly from my personal device?

98 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019   

  1. Visit
  2. You will be asked to log-in with the 5 character alphanumeric username provided by I.T. If you don’t know this username please visit I.T. directly or email them at This is also the username that you log into Blackboard with.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Take your SLC card to any RICOH Multifunction printer on campus and print as you normally would.

I am unable to sign in with my library account. What can I do?

73 views   |   Last updated on Aug 14, 2019   

Library accounts are active for 12 months at a time. To reactivate your account please call, email, or visit the library with your student or staff card ready.

**If you regularly check-out books, your library account will renew automatically.

Staff do not receive library accounts automatically like students do. You need a library account in order to access library resources.

Please call, email, or visit your closest campus library to register. Please have your staff card handy.

I am having an issue with Blackboard. Can you help me?

72 views   |   Last updated on Aug 14, 2019   

Library staff do not have access to Blackboard. Please see I.T. Services for assistance.

I am having trouble watching Videatives videos, what can I do?

69 views   |   Last updated on Aug 14, 2019   

If you are having issues viewing videos through the library's Videatives subscription please read the following:

My document isn't printing. What's wrong?

53 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019   

Several things could be the cause of your document(s) not printing. If the printer lights up red and beeps repeatedly, please ask library staff for help.

  1. You may have a print balance of $0.00.
  2. If you sent multiple documents you will have to select the ones you want to print and then press start once it lights up.
  3. The printer may be out of paper, please ask library staff to fill the trays.
  4. The printer may be out of ink, please let library staff know and they will call for assistance.
  5. The printer may not know that size paper you are asking for, please ask library staff for help.
  6. The printer may be experiencing another type of error. Library staff will place an out-of-order sign and call for assistance.

For more information about printing at St. Lawrence College:

How do I log into the library to access videos?

27 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019   

From our library website, follow these steps:

  1. In the navigational menu under "Resources" click on "Streaming Videos".
    1. Direct link:
  2. Choose something from our selection of 19 providers.
  3. Log in with your SLC.ME login information.
    1. Unless you are already logged in, then it will take you straight to the content
  4. Voila!

How do I load more money onto my printing account?

26 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019   

Using the black Netlink loader box

  1. Tap your student card on the light to log in.
  2. Insert bills into the feeder when it lights up and/or insert coins into the top half of the coin slot.
  3. Press the “D” key to end your session.
  4. Take your receipt once it has been printed or recycle it.


  • The machine will accept only Canadian currency in the amounts of 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20.
  • The library is not responsible for lost funds. If you experience issues with the machine I.T. Services will be called. Please wait by the machine until they arrive.
  • The machine does not give change. If you require bills to be broken please check with the library desk or make a purchase in the Cafeteria or Campus Bookstore.
  • If you are unable to tap in, please visit I.T. Services for assistance.
  • Debit and credit is done in the Campus Bookstore.

Shakespeare and Mozart have been dead for over 50 years so can I use all of their works?

7 views   |   Last updated on Sep 03, 2019    Copyright

Yes, but only their original, unaltered works. Any work that adds new material, such as adding footnotes to a play or a new recording of Mozart's work, is given new copyright upon creation and therefore that new work can only be used within the copyright guidelines.

Can I copy Chapter 1 of a book for one course that I am teaching and Chapter 3 for a different course?

7 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

Yes. Course X and Course Y can share a book, and may each have one chapter or 10%. Consider switching to an Open Education Resource (OER):

If in my PowerPoint presentations I have pictures that I found on Google Images, do I need to cite the source just for random pictures?

6 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

Yes, you do need to cite the source for any images used in the classroom regardless of where they are from. For citation help, please visit The Learning Portal's citation page:

Can I photocopy a textbook for my own personal use?

6 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

No. You may copy up to one chapter or 10% of a text book for private study, research or education. You are not able to copy an entire book without permission from the copyright owner, which may be one or more listed authors or the publisher iself.

Can I copy one chapter or article each from multiple different books or journals?

6 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

Yes, you are allowed one article per issue of a serial publication (journal, magazine, newspaper).

Can recipes be copyrighted?

6 views   |   Last updated on Sep 03, 2019    Copyright

A list of ingredients with amounts would not be copyright protected, but it is likely that the instructions would be.

Can I post Chapter 1 of a book, take it down the next week and post Chapter 2?

6 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

No, instead please inquire about Course Pack creation at your Campus Bookstore or the Kingston campus Printshop. Consider switching to an Open Education Resource (OER):

I am using an older edition of a textbook that is currently out of print, can I just make copies of the chapters we use in the course for my students?

6 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

No, but you can place one chapter of the book on BlackBoard. Consider switching to the current edition of the book or try using an Open Education Resource (OER):

Why am I being told to link to content rather than post a PDF?

6 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

Linking is considered best practice as providing a link to content is not the same as posting a reproduction (i.e. a PDF copy). Many of our databases and our catalogue allow the creation of permalinks to link yourself and your students directly to the content or article.

The bookstore has run out of the textbook for my course, can I just photocopy the necessary portions for my students until they get more copies in?

4 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019    Copyright

If the amount you need to copy falls within the fair dealing guidelines (one chapter, or 10%) then you are able to copy it and hand it out to students. You can only copy a maximum of one chapter or 10% from a book per course per semester. Consider switching to an Open Education Resource (OER):

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