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How do I load more money onto my printing account?

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From the Netlink loader box

  1. Scan your student card over the red light to log in.
  2. The screen will then display your current balance.
  3. Insert bills into the feeder when it lights up.
  4. Insert coins (5₵, 10₵, 25₵, $1, $2) into the top of the coin slot.
    1. If your coins roll out without being deposited, please try again with more force.
    2. If they get stuck please get a staff member for assistance.
  5. After the desired amount of money has been added, press the “D” key to end your session.
  6. Take your receipt once it has been printed.


  • The library is not responsible for lost funds. If you experience issues with the machine I.T. Services will be called. Please wait by the machine until they arrive.
  • The machine does not give change. If you require bills to be broken please check with the library desk or make a purchase in the Cafeteria or Campus Bookstore.
  • If you are unable to log in, please visit I.T. Services for assistance.
  • Debit and credit is done in the Campus Bookstore.

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