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My document isn't printing. What's wrong?

131 views   |   Last updated on Sep 11, 2019   


Several things could be the cause of your document(s) not printing. If the printer lights up red and beeps repeatedly, please ask library staff for help.

  1. You may have a print balance of $0.00.
  2. If you sent multiple documents you will have to select the ones you want to print and then press start once it lights up.
  3. The printer may be out of paper, please ask library staff to fill the trays.
  4. The printer may be out of ink, please let library staff know and they will call for assistance.
  5. The printer may not know that size paper you are asking for, please ask library staff for help.
  6. The printer may be experiencing another type of error. Library staff will place an out-of-order sign and call for assistance.

For more information about printing at St. Lawrence College:

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